The Tipshop
A central archive for all Spectrum and SAM games hints, tips, cheats, maps, hacks and pokes.


The Tipshop was an idea dreamt up by Gerard Sweeney and Nick Humphries in May 2001 after they decided that what the Spectrum and SAM emulation scene really needs nowadays is a centralised tips archive, rather than have a lot of smaller ones spread around the web. So Gerard and Nick, drawing on their experiences with (respectively) Hack Attack III and The Your Sinclair Rock'n'Roll Years, came up with The Tipshop, and we think it's rather nifty.

Due to the size of the database involved, we've had quite a bit of help with the supply of tips from all the printed Speccy magazines we could get our hands on, so here's a list of who did roughly what (in no particular order):
    Gerard Sweeney (Webmaster) - Website maintainer, Tips from Your Sinclair and Crash, plus all the Multiface Pokes from Hack Attack III.
    Nick Humphries (Back-end Support) - Database design, website design, original data import plus general behind-the-scenes support.

    Jim Grimwood - Tips from Your Spectrum and Micro Adventurer, plus details of what hacks, POKEs and tips were on the magazine cover tapes.
    Dave Foreman - Tips from Sinclair User.
    Matthew Wilson - Tips from Crash.
    Martijn van der Heide - General deity, providing help and resources, not least of which is the hosting of this website!

You should recognize those last four names because they run (respectively):
    The Your Spectrum Unoffical Archive,
    SUMO - Sinclair User Magazine Online,
    Crash: The Online Edition and, of course,
    The World Of Spectrum archive.

    Andy Barker - For letting us pinch the YS Smash Tips archive from his own website.

    Jacob Gunness - For letting us pinch the entire Spectrum content from his website the Classic Adventures Solution Archive:

    Arttu Ilmari Ylarakkola - For letting us reproduce all of the maps from his website

    Alex Waddington - For granting us permission to reproduce all of his adventure solutions originally hosted on his site, The Sinclair Lair : and for the scans he sent of tipsheets for Sorderon's Shadow

    Andy Rowe - For letting us reproduce the maps and hints from his website,

    Tor Gjerde - For letting us reproduce the maps and hints from his website,

    Fuzzbucket - For the stonkingly good picture on the Tipshop wants you page.

    BadBeard and Fraser Ross - For the POKE sheets - it'll take me AGES to work through them all, chaps!

    Jo Doran - For passing on the details of the various typos in game names as well as OCRing numerous pages from YS and Crash

    Matthew Pimm - For letting us reproduce the hints/tips/solutions from the Emulate 'zine

    Carys Toms - For sending in her Dad Trevor's hand-drawn walkthroughs

    Graham Goring - For letting us reproduce the maps, tips and solutions from his website,

    Dorothy Millard - For letting us reproduce the tips and solutions from her website,

    Jon North - For providing us with the original text file versions of his reign of Practical POKEs - this saved SO much time OCRing and proof-reading!

    Scott Adams - For letting us reproduce the tips and solutions from his website,

    Luny - For letting us reproduce the Tir Na Nog solution from his website,

    Michal Johanis - For letting us reproduce his Gyron map

    Drew Turpin - For letting us reproduce the tips, maps and solutions from his website,

    Paul Equinox Collins - For letting us reproduce the tips and maps from his website,

    Viktor Drozd (1955 - 2007) - For the superb amount of POKEs and cheats he sent in, as well as numerous other contributions to the Spectrum community

    David Cornyn - For sending copies of issues of Crash to scan

    Lee Fogarty - For letting us reproduce tips from ZX Shed

    Anthony Bailey - For letting us reproduce tips from his website

    Contributions reproduced from CASA: 8th Day; A. Harrison; Alastair S.; Alex Cattaneo; Alex Dijkstra; Andrew Barker; Andrew Edney; Andrew Harrison; Barbara Gibb; Bill Bennett; Blood (Lee Tonks); Christian Swoboda; CJ Egern; Dennis Janssen; Don Priestley; Doreen Bardon; Dorothy Millard; Duncan Cross; Erik Futtrup; Erudite Troglodyte; Finn "DOC" Bolding; Gregory Quinn; Ian Preston; Jackie Holt; Jacob Gunness; Jeremy Smith; John; John R. Barnsley; John Sutton; John Wilson; Juan Duc; Kabish; Kedenan; Kevin Oates; Kim Stevens; La Woman; Marco Lanaro; Marco van Slageren; Mark Chester; Martin Brunner; Matt Barringer; Mike Gerrard; Odd Magne Ogreid; Petter Sjölund; Phoebe M. Fuentes; R. E. Smith; Rene van Hasselaar; Sharon Harwood; Sherwin Robb; Stefano Lorenzin; Terri Sheehan; Terry Stewart; The Erudite Troglodyte; The Gunslinger; The Unorthodox Engineers; Twan Lintermans; Vaxalon; Vicko Vitasovic; Viktor Drozd; Walter Pooley; Wibble and Blim; Wilko Schröter; Zeljko Juric.

    Additional tips from: Daren Pearcy, Patrick Furlong, Bob Collins, Chris Cowley, Maureen Gotts, MadMekon (Steven Bannister), Philip Kendall, James Rushton, Daniel Thorlby, Cyborg, Andrew Phillips, Garry Davenport, Philip Bee, Hugo Rodrigues, John D. Constantinides, Colin Attle, Jonathan Cauldwell, Dave Batty, Russell Marks, Billy "Basher" Beaton, Patrick Beilby, Derek Parkinson, Jim Pass, Chris Maling, Gastón Bidart, Arno van der Hulst, Martin Ball, Liviu Vilceanu, Alex, Pam Bennett, Keith Rundle, Klapka, Paul Stephenson, Pavel Plíva, Jason Marshall, Placek, MadManChronicle, Pete Carass, Jim Langmead, David Ledbury, Marek Januszewski, deKay, Tom Quested, Ian Fenwick, Llama-Wax Len, Mikie, Alessandro Grussu, El Duderino, Scribbler, Peter Carr, Sherwin Robb, Chris Thompson, Jay England, Richard Jordan, Paul Carter, Placek, Flavio M Matsumoto, Darren UK, kmatveev, Rick O'Neill, Elfheart, Pgyuri, Andy Pearson, Hooleberry, Mike Nikitin, Skarpo, Chad Murray, Geoff Owen, James Baxter, James McLaughlin, Jan Samohyl, Vit Samohyl, Ian "Necros" Hamilton, Miodrag Stancevic, rfout, John Elliott, Chris Young, Paul French, Lee Tonks, Dinu Cristian Mircea (aka GOC), Robert Baker, Mr. Anonymous, Laf, Nigel Bland, Søren Borgquist, Aviv Marks, Uros Zupan, "Andrew", Simon Clark, Branko FERK, Wilko Schröter, Ben Rapier, Moby Dick & Gemma, Barry Salter, Andy Robinson, Moroz 1999, Steve Holland, Annie Gnomeous (ahem!), Malcolm, TomCat, Chupo, Jamie Angus, Kris Hudson-Lee, Mike Myers, Darren Shacklady, Dave Redford, Doctor Icemann, Arjun Nair, Darren Carswell, de Vandemar Croup, Julian D. A. Wiseman, Mark Szeliga Szolkowski, Mestor, Marco A.G.Pinto, Ivan Sanchez Jorda, Julio&Rafael Molina, Martin Suman, Enrique Gallego, Daniel Gromann, Andy Spencer , Stu, Woody, Roy Goodall, Adramelek, Chris Smith, Archie Robins, Gareth Pitchford, Rob Livsey, Juan Pablo López-Grao, Zydro, James Weatherley, Fuzzix, Leslie.wss, WhizzBang, Tomislav Kolakovi, StuBruise, Stephen Preston, Carl Clayton, Jose Roberto, Bernard Wood, Alberto Otero Mato, Richard Lane, Neil Balharrie, Ralphy No te lo digo, Pavero, GoodBoy, Mark Cantrell, Steve McGarry, Rob Livsey, John Fotou, Malorie Jempson, Shaun Bebbington, Nyuzga, La Sole, Gandulf, Endi, Simon Brattel, Matt Westcott, Rob Livsey, Andy, Un Aventurero, Jumping Stack, David Losada, Federico Álvarez, Josep Coletas Caubet, Dave, Michael Evers, Phil Bromfield, Roy, Carlos, Trailblazer, Kev "The Rev" McGrorty, Kelly "Banshee" Farrell, Carlitos, Compiler Software, John Space, Phantomas, Mark Warren, Trevor Lever, Alan Marshall, Chris 'Lebowsk1' Mullans, Arkos, Chris Walsh, Paul Fisher, Ralphy, Mambrino, Gus, Andy Ford, sand/mayHem, Micheal Farrell, JP, Martin 'Pugsy' Pugh, Jimmy, Digital Prawn, Uroš Sajko, Einar Saukas, Andrew Hunt, G.A., Mark R Jones, Hippy Smith, Jevilon, Sai Wong, Miguel A. Garcia Prada, C. Proensa, Abrimaal, Ralf, Sequor, Slider, Andrew Ryals, Angel L., Joaquín Gallardo, Roberto Muñoz Fernández, Stefan Zadorozny, Philip M. Anderson, Matthew Carrier, Neil Chatterjee, John Socha, Shadow Maker, Philip Callagher, Richard Bos, cleod_ideafix, Catsmeow, R-Tape, FrankT, Myrck, Hikaru, Ub880d, MattLamb, John Metcalf, PopoCop, Oblo, Mark McDougall, James McKay, Matthew Logue, Blerk, Bernhard Lutz, Sergey Rybakov, Tim Prowse, Mat Gubbins, Pedro L. Azcarraga, Lambros Potamianos, Steve Nichol, Martin Møller Skarbiniks Pedersen, Lady Eklipse (Helga Iliashenko), Roy Booth.

These people deserve our deepest thanks and respect for using up a lot of their spare time to help this website, and the Speccy emuscene in general.

The website is hosted by Martijn van der Heide, and uses Perl CGI scripts that retreives data from a MySQL database.

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